Cambiale di matrimonio, La (The Bill of Marriage)

  • Gioachino Rossini. Farsa comica in one act. 1810.
  • Libretto by Gaetano Rossi, after a play by Camillo Federici and a libretto by Giuseppe Checcherini.
  • First performance at the Teatro S Moisè, Venice, on 3rd November 1810.

Tobias Mill, a rich English merchant, agrees to marry his daughter Fanny to a Canadian, Mr Slook, whom he has never seen. Fanny, however, has given her heart to the young and impoverished Edward Milfort. The comedy develops when Slook, in colonial garb, with manners to suit, arrives and is confronted by Milfort, who is anxious to prevent the match, and by Mill, who is determined to enforce the contract. All ends well, as Slook makes Fanny over to Milfort.

A witty comedy, La cambiale di matrimonio was Rossini’s first opera for the professional stage. The overture is heard with some frequency in the concert hall.